erception is an individual and unique experience for every member of the human race. There are several factors that influence how an individual perceives body, mind and soul experiences. One of the difficulties to be overcome by each soul, having a sojourn in the human plane, is that its perception of critical soul-knowledge is distorted.

It is through their perceptions that humans acquire the learning experiences which will help alter their karma. The primary reason for which individuals reincarnate is to have the necessary body, mind and soul experiences that will move them as souls closer to their Creator, God. Learning, for rebel souls, is a slow process. It requires that a lesson be learned in the three dimensions of body, mind and soul before it becomes an exposure which will induce spiritual growth.

It is extremely difficult for individuals to understand how the three dimensions relate and affect each other. The average human can perceive a body or mind experience, and some understand that one affects the other. However, there is a lack of understanding about the soul dimension and of its paramount significance.

Perception begins when a soul joins the body which had been designated for it and for which it had given prior approval before reincarnating. A soul has eighteen months after the birth of the body to decide if will choose to affiliate with that body. If it chooses not to unite, a new plan for reincarnating is created by the soul and its spiritual guides. When union occurs, perception at levels commensurate with childhood begins.

Parents and the home environment have a great initial impact. The anti-God ego immediately seeks opportunities to begin aligning the child's perception with emotions which will enable the ego to have a lifetime control. It is during these early years of their relationships with parents, siblings, relatives and other individuals that inhibiting, emotionally-charged lifetime patterns of behavior begin. The form of behavior is replete with emotions that are spiritual blocks.

From childhood on, the ego gradually creates for the individual an Illusion of Self. Some of the most common filters or blocks within the Illusion of Self are guilt, fear, anger, hate, low self-esteem, jealousy and feelings of revenge. There are many others, depending upon the individuals early forming perceptions. The ego is proficient in keeping individuals embroiled in their self-illusions and in finding ways to create new blocks, or adding more energy to those which exist. It is always attempting to have individuals make choices which are not in their or God's best interests.

As humans grow from childhood to adulthood, individual perception varies significantly. The crucial understanding for individuals is that they are controlled by anti-God egos and that the purpose of life is to become one with the God-selves which are within them. It is also critical for humankind to perceive that it has been more difficult for them to engage their egos in mortal combat because of the teachings of religions. All religions have presented false philosophies about God. Most of them have been well calculated to keep humans in bondage to some key elements of their egos, which are fear, guilt and low self-esteem. By presenting a restrictive, retaliatory God, humans have feared God--who in reality is loving, kind, understanding and forgiving.

Religions have controlled humans for millenniums. This has been accomplished by keeping them in a state of fear, guilt, and unworthiness and by locking them into a system of belief, that salvation can only be achieved by serfdom to the dogma of their religions. Religions continue to keep individuals separated from the God which is within them. In addition, religions help perpetuate the Illusions of Selves of humans who perceive the dictates of ego and church as truth. God is perceived as responsible for all anguish on earth, while religions fail to encourage individuals to assume responsibility for the personal and collective agony of their human experience.

Humans fail to perceive that their difficulties are also God's, since God is within them. They also fail to understand that there is an anti-God as well as a God force within them and that Armageddon is not of the future but a daily war for each of them. There are anti-God forces prevalent within and without all individuals on the earth plane. Acceptance of this fact is a necessary first step for a more accurate perception of humankind's problems. More accurate perception may help individuals realize the value of their soul dimension experience and that perhaps, individual responsibility for corrective measures is necessary.


Walking the street on a sunny day

Houses secret as a human heart appear

Like my skin hiding mystery inside

Some pleasing like a child's smile

Others malevolent as a buzzard above

Are there scorpions and serpents inside

Or turtle doves loving residing there

Perhaps a mixture of flowers and mites

Perceived by me with darkness or light