haracteristic or habitual mannerisms peculiar to an individual is one dictionary definition of the word idiosyncrasy. From a spiritual perspective, it is appropriate to broaden its meaning dramatically since the state of being human is one of idiosyncrasy. The idiosyncrasies of an individual are a display of that individual's Illusion of Self. It is a personality which is formed, maintained, controlled and manifested in accord with the anti-God ego's dictates.

The traits which mortals acquire, develop and energize become habitual mannerisms peculiar to those individuals. Acquiring attributes begins with the first perceptions of childhood. These initial perceptions have a great bearing on how individuals will feel during childhood and throughout their adult life. The ego, or that element of humans which wants to act as a God or Goddess without allegiance to God, decides how it can best continue this illusion.

Mortals who have consummated a union with God will have acquired a spirituality that is similar to God's. Such individuals meditate to defuse and control their egos and live their lives in accord with God's four commandments. They will live lives which are loving, kind, understanding and forgiving. These sincere individuals will let love be their freedom and limitation. They will know when to withdraw from relationships in which to continue the turning of the other cheek would be to perpetuate a negative force. In such circumstances these individuals follow God's example by changing the status of their love for an individual from active to passive.

There are great variances in how individuals manifest their Illusions of Selves in relation to each other. There are also considerable differences in how every human manifests self-illusion from one reincarnation to another. However, the process by which it occurs will be a constant for rebel souls in every incarnation until they give up their illusions of being God.

An individual's idiosyncrasies may be difficult to bear, and this leads to searching for another human with similar difficulties to commiserate with. Other mortals may find solace by belonging to a religion which has a dogma that is compatible with their idiosyncrasies. Religions are masterful in keeping individuals trapped in their idiosyncrasies while making it appear as if they are being assisted to transcend them.

It is impossible for individuals to transcend their ego-created idiosyncrasies unless there are attempts to form a union with God. The approach through organized religions has failed, and the failure is most visible to those who see and take responsibility for their own idiosyncrasies. The effort requires courage since it is a lone venture and without the support of fellow rebel souls in human garb. When there is a sincere desire to find and know the God within, new characteristics and mannerisms peculiar to the individual will be established.

The development and manifestation of idiosyncrasies is not only an individual but also a collective phenomenon. Humans from the time of togetherness in small tribal communities to the present nation system had similar idiosyncrasies as one factor of their organization. Although idiosyncrasies brought people together to form nations, there are individuals who form small idiosyncratic groups within the larger community of nationhood. Sometimes humans cross over national boundary lines to join with other individuals, because they seek the comfort of others with similar idiosyncrasies.

Most mortals do not perceive that their idiosyncrasies reflect the result of their egos' control. In time they will realize that idiosyncrasies have two sources of power from which to emerge. One source is the force of the anti-God ego, and the other is from the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God. May the God force be perceived and may it prevail.


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