henever the term ego is heard, many interpretations are possible about its meaning. There have been many learned opinions as to what the ego is and its function. An individual's perception of ego is based upon one of the numerous explanations that is available. During one's lifetime, the understanding of ego may take on new meaning or change dramatically because of personal experiences. There has also been a blend about ego from the various points of view on the human plane. However, the more useful presentations have been those which relate ego to spirituality, and, in this chapter, there will be an embellishment of this approach.

From God's perspective, ego is the mortal enemy which would destroy all that God strives to create and protect on the human realm. The struggle has been going on since God created souls from the God-self and, subsequently, some of them rebelled against God. It was a manifestation of evil by souls opposed to God, their Creator, and to God's authority. God had endowed souls with considerable power, and some of them were under the illusion that they could replace God. God learned more about being God from the experience and eventually created the human and spirit worlds for the rebels. God decided upon the human form as a temporary home for such souls and also provided each body with an ego. Ego is a small segment of a soul's total accumulation of evil from past incarnations. The ego configuration, which is deemed appropriate for the soul's spiritual advancement in the present incarnation, is in the body's genetic code.

A body is not a human spiritual being until a soul embraces it. The earliest a soul will join its anatomy is immediately after birth. However, the soul can delay alignment with its proposed form for eighteen months. It also has the option to choose to not entwine with its karma-designed body, which includes mind and ego. If a soul's choice is to not join, an encounter between the anti-God ego and the soul's pro-God element is postponed. The designated body will die without cause whenever that decision is made during the eighteen months. Usually the soul decides to not align because it believes the life will be more difficult than it appeared to be when planned.

Ego encompasses all of the components which enable a soul to continue to be anti-God. Being souls in a human form is the consequence of the negative or evil choices they made in every incarnation since the initial rebellion. A few souls are on the human plane as mortals to accomplish some task for God. For all other individuals, an ego is provided which becomes a difficult, but not impossible, hurdle to overcome for a return to God. While the contents of all assigned egos are essentially the same, the primary but significant difference between them is the emphasis on particular affectations and their intensity. The capacity for anger and low self-esteem may be greater in some individuals than others. In others, it may be their capability for jealousy and revenge which is emphasized and very intense. The content of every ego is relative and appropriate to the spiritual development of that soul at the time of reincarnation.

Unless there are karmic obligations, the karmic set begins to gradually unfold within the eighth year. The ego begins to exert its authority with a child's first perceptions and expands its influence in the eighth year. It is the ego's nature to try to distort or skew the meaning of perceptions negatively. At times, the ego may allow a temporary positive perception to occur so that subsequent perceptions have a more negative effect than they would otherwise have. The ego will use whatever means, from its inexhaustible supply of negativity, to maintain a separation between humans and God. Ego's control over individuals will continue until there is an understanding of its nature and its function of destroying spirituality.

One of the most difficult concepts to accept about ego is its relevancy to spirituality and God. Ego has been considered the necessary element to develop in terms of becoming a more complete personality. There are organizations which specialize in teaching individuals how to use their egos to become more accomplished competitors--always for material gain--and for a handsome fee. What is usually taught is which components of ego are apt to be effective and that one should not be afraid to use them. Such individuals are also schooled in how to use the fear, guilt and low self-esteem of others for an advantage. This is very effective knowledge for humans who are in ego-induced, self-aggrandizement modes. Another result of this approach is that their opponents become more entrenched in self-disapproving Illusions of Selves. All mortals in this ego-oriented material game for gain on the human plane ignore and jeopardize their eternal souls' well-being for short-term illusionary rewards.

Ego does not favor one gender more than the other, but it does use every opportunity to appear that it does in order create friction between them. Through the ages, ego has engendered and perpetuated bestial, instead of loving, kind, understanding and forgiving, behavior between the sexes. It is as masterful with the divide-and-conquer technique with each gender as it is in its use between individuals and God. When each individual assumes its responsibility to defuse its ego, there will be better relations between males and females and between them and God.

Let it be known that humans have egos which encourage evil behavior and also invite them to be goddesses or gods without allegiance to God. Let it be known that humans, with a few exceptions, are rebel souls and that each has an ego to overcome. Let it be known that humans have anti-God egos and also God within them. Let it be known that humans are convinced by their egos that they have little personal responsibility for human misfortune. Let it be known that humans are souls which have egos because of the choices made in previous incarnations. Let it be known that humans on earth have egos that have been designed for their present reincarnations. Let it be known that humans have egos which can convince them to blame God for all misfortunes on the human plane. Let it be known that humans have spiritual guides to assist them in defusing their egos. Let it be known that humans are souls whose purposes in life are to attempt returns to God by defeating their anti-God egos. Let it be known that humans who defuse their egos eliminate bestial behavior and this has a positive influence on others. Let it be known that humans all have equal opportunities to oppose their egos. Let it be known that humans can defuse their egos by having a sincere desire to know God. Let it be known that humans can overcome their egos and be what God wants them to be, gods or goddesses on the human plane. Let it be known that humans have been handicapped by the teachings of religions which help keep them enmeshed in their egos.


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